EcoNord looked at other designs of Bin Lift and wanted to design out all of the built in hazards associated with traditional types of Lift.
EcoNord designed in:
Smooth sliding lifting action, no need for dangerous crushing of trapping link arms folding together.
Continuous movement up and away, the containers are taken away from the operator and not pushed back into him when the container is lifted
Secure location. Each chair has a single start signal plus two confirmation signals that the container is located correctly on the lift. Containers do not fly off!
No hydraulic hoses or valves. Nothing to leak, nothing to burst, no expensive clear ups, nothing to go wrong
EcoNord designed out :
Trapping, Crushing and Pinch points
Burst hoses, leaking valves leaking hydraulic oil on the road
Damaged or lost containers
Injury’s to operators
Harmful effect to the environment