Increased Safety Level

The EcoNord lift systems are recognised for their unique safety features and have been certified by authorized EC bodies without exemptions.

Advanced electronic obstacle detection
The lifts are simple to use, with an automatic stop if any obstacle is detected or if the bins are too heavy, making the lifts very safe and user friendly.

Reduced Noise Level

lowering noise levels to a whisper-quiet 47db
“An average RCV emits noise in the range of 100 db”

Traditional RCVs

The most important barrier to waste
collection at night (and resulting An average RCV emits noise in the range of 100 db
savings) is the noise disturbance

Daytime tolerance is also decreasing,
translating into stricter regulations

The EcoNord lift generates almost no noise (45db), and reduces greatly 
the noise level of the truck itself by 
eliminating RPM spikes while 
lifting the bins (67db)RCV




EcoNord equipped RCVs