EcoNord Cub Electric Bin Lift, shown with barrier arms folded and fitted to 12t body and DAF LF45 chassis

  • Fully electric – no hydraulics whatsoever reducing fuel consumption up to 15%.
  • Compliments electric and hybrid RCVs, as no hydraulics is needed to power  the lift.
  • Short rear overhang – approx. 800mm – significantly increases maneuverability and reduces possibilities of accidental damage.
  • Light overall weight ensures maximum operational weight capacity. Only 620kg.
  • Automatic, semi-automatic or manual operation modes.
  • Adjustable cycle times from 7 seconds for two-wheeled bins, to 14 seconds for four-wheeled bins – speeds operationally unaffected by cold weather.
  • Compaction cycles managed according to actual need to empty hooper.
  • Remote diagnostic and good accessibility of all mechanical and electrical components.
  • Lifts are removable and interchangeable to suit collection conditions in less than 15 min.
  • For use with two-wheeled bins up to 360L or four-wheel bins up to 1280L (for bins made to appropriate standards).
  • Smooth, vertical lifting and lowering kind to both bins and operators.
  • Whisper-quiet (45dB) operation, sutable for collections at night or in sensitive areas.
  • Risk of injury eliminated. Automatically stops lift if obstacle detected while lowering.
  • The Cub neads modified tail gate to be fitted on rear end loaded RCV, as it is specially designed to optimize the 18t and smaller vehicles in tight and confined conditions.
  • Excellent ground clearance 500mm.
  • Bin Weighing and bin ID options available.