Reduced Fuel Consumption

“The best energy is the one that is not generated”
For a number of reasons, reducing oil consumption is one of the highest priorities for Governments and Municipalities around the world:
-Cost of energy
-Climate change and CO2 emissions
Urban air quality / pollution levels
With an average consumption of 90 liters pr 100 km, and over 100 km driving per day,
every lift eliminates the equivalent of two to three passenger cars in terms of CO2 emission

The EcoNord lifts generate 7-20% fuel savings on diesel RCVs, and are instrumental for Hybrid and Electric RCVs (range problems)

Improved Efficiency

One chair, 100 kg bin (no compaction)

With the electric bin lifts the motors run idle

Collect waste without having the engine turning at high level to pressurise the hydraulic system.

Works with all major European RCV rear-mount body types. On standard diesel powered RCVs, it reduces fuel costs by up to 15%

Longer life and less maintenance for chassis engine

With less stress on the engine and hydraulic system the lifetime of the engine and related systems is prolonged.