Cub – Technical Description

Product: Electric Double Chair Bin Lift CUB Automatic

Model: RHEADNN/160

Operation: Electric motor with gearbox and driver

Easy fitting on any standard rear end loaded RCV. It can be easily fitted to both new and older vehicles with minor modification. A standard DIN frame is required. CUB is connected to the 24 volt DC supply from the batteries on the vehicle, through a Power Inverter to provide the 230 AC voltage required to operate the Bin Lift.


Cub is an Automatic Bin Lift which incorporates a double split chair with two combs. It is suitable for any standard 2 wheeled bins and containers (EN 840-1) with a capacity of 80 to 360 liters (adjusted lifting limit at 140kg.) and any standard 4 wheeled container (EN 840-2 / EN 840-2,3) with a capacity of 500 to 1200 liters (adjusted lifting limit at 350 Kg.).


Loading height: 1,523 mm
Ground clearance: 500 mm


The engine of the RCV operates at idle during bin lift operation, thereby keeping noise and fuel consumption to a minimum, while reducing exhaust emissions significantly.
Operational noise level of the bin lift is measured at only 45dB (A).


CUB carries the CE mark of approval and complies with the safety standards EN1501-1, EN1501-5.
Emergency stop buttons are fixed on the side protections and on the controls on both sides of the bin.
Each comb is equipped with a presence sensor recognizing the presence of the container and 2 sensors confirming good gripping and position.
Safety sensor operates in descent mode to prevent serious injury.
The comb is equipped with a sensor recognizing the presence of a bin.
No uncontrolled power means much safer operating environment.
Specifically designed to avoid any crushing hazards.
Side protections consisting of padded safety barriers covering the operating zone.
Fitted with a comb for 4 wheeled containers.


Integral set, no shearing risks (no scissors).
No flexible hoses.
No grease.


Collection of 2 and 4 wheeled bins and containers.
Mixed collection (bags, bins and containers). Replacement of a chair takes less then 15 minutes.


DIN-standard frame. Space of 1,0 m x 0,5 m needed for fitment of inverter box, typically near the batteries, other places have been on the body behind the cab or on the roof.

Batteries & Alternator

Batteries (180A+). Alternator (85A+). The lift operates from the vehicle’s electrics; there are no battery packs or other power supplies. Electrical connection to body; A standard 16-pin / 24v plug configuration CATIII.



in: 2 CUB