EcoNord has taken the successful Isbjorn electric bin lift and modified the barrier arms and frame to create the new EcoNord Cub Electric Bin Lift.The market leading all electric bin lift

Highly manoeuvrable in tight and confined conditions. The Cub was designed for increasing requirements for a highly manoeuvrable collection vehicle fitted with an automatic bin lift that could work safely and efficiently in very confined collection areas.

The lateral side guards of the Cub can be folded across the front of the lift to significantly reduce the overall length of the vehicle on which it is mounted, therefore reducing the turning circle required. The end result is a bin lift that provides a very short rear vehicle overhang. This greatly increases the maneuverability of the vehicle, making it a highly useful tool on collection rounds where tight and confined conditions have before made it difficult or impossible for operators to take a vehicle.

Reduces fuel consumption and CO2 output significantly. The Cub retains all the features and benefits of its big brother, the Isbjörn – fuel consumption reduced by up to 15% and CO2 output significantly reduced when compared to standard conventional hydraulic bin lifts.

More Flexible. The lifts can quickly be adapted to single lift + open back for mixed rounds, or lifts removed completely for bag only rounds. More manoeuvrability for Fleet Managers. Bin lift operation fully programmable for operational speeds, top pause times, intelligent packer signal, shake intensity and other parameters.

Simple Maintenance – One moving part, less weight, more stability, less cost.

Good accessibility of all mechanical and electrical components. Reduced maintenance requirements as the EcoNord electric bin lift uses absolutely no hydraulics whatsoever; remote diagnostics for increased uptime; and many other features.

Quietest bin lift available. Like its big brother, the Isbjörn electric bin lift, there are no hydraulic rams, pipes, fluids or electrically driven hydraulic pumps involved. The Cub is completely and totally electric in operation, as well as being operationally the quietest bin lift available on the market today at only 45dB, due to the fact that the vehicle engine need not rev up to power the lift and can remain at idle. Extending collection times as a result without noise-related complaints is now a real possibility.

Healthier work environment. This quietness, along with automatic obstruction detection to protect operators during collection, means EcoNord electric bin lifts help provide the safest possible waste collection working environment. There is no emission while operating electric lifts. Long time collectors have also traditionally suffered from hearing loss because of high noise level, which is not the case operating electric lifts.

Strong lightweight design offers hevy-duty performance

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