EcoNord specialises in the design, production and sales of environmental friendly equipment and data systems for the waste management industry. Our philosophy is to combine intelligence and ergonomic design to provide solutions that support sustainable growth and improve workers safety.
The core products are highly efficient bin-lift systems for refuse collection vehicles, greatly improving noise and safety levels and reduction of carbon footprint. The products support fuel and CO2 cutting programs, waste recycling, waste reduction and new regulations.

EcoNord – The Company
EcoNord are a family owned Company based in Reykjavik, Iceland (formerly known as Ecoprocess), which was founded in 2002. The Company is heavily involved and committed in developing and promoting green solutions to a traditionally harmful and costly Waste Management industry.
All members of the “EcoNord Family” have many years experience in the design, development and production of clean electrical lifting systems.
The Group Head Office is based in Reykjavik, along with the Design, Development and Engineering Departments. The manufacturing facility is based in Kent, United Kingdom, which also houses the hub for After-Sales and Service Support. Our UK- based and Reykjavik-based Technicians are always available for guidance or to answer any technical queries you may have.

EcoNord wanted to design and build a bin lift that produced zero emissions, reduced fuel consumption, provided a healthier working and operating environment. We wanted to take the bin lift industry and move it from years of stagnation into a modern, healthy and safe industry it is with EcoNord

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